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Kurumsal Başlık


About Us

About Us

Having established in 1993 our company, since its establishment date, has adopted a mission to manufacture 100% of the machine and systems that are not manufactured in Turkey or major part of them are imported to Turkey, especially in the bulk material handling systems, by following the technological developments in the world and combining with its own experience and research. Having adopted the Cement, Glass, Fertilizer, Iron and Steel Industry and this industry's subsidiaries as its basic working area our company has built facilities which were only delivered as engineering and critical material or turnkey facilities in more than 100 factories which are positioned as Turkey's largest factories and operated in abovementioned industries.

Our company has also carried out turnkey projects in the abovementioned sectors in the countries such as Russia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Germany, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project, manufacturing and installation of the handling systems such as Rubber Belt Conveyors, Rubber Belt and Chain Bucket elevators, Pipe Conveyor, Air Slide Systems, Apron Feeder, Vibrating Feeder etc. are applied as optimizing them in terms of operation, maintenance and energy by optimizing them in terms of operation, maintenance and energy.

Our company has become the leader in many ways about Pipe Conveyor by adding some of the systems developed by us to the Pipe Conveyor systems that have especially become widespread in terms of usage. 100% of the projects related with the Pipe Conveyor are solved within the body of INTRA. Having completed 80% of the pipe conveyor systems which are still active, our company has also added the smallest, most complex, highest capacity, longest, highest pipe conveyors to its reference list. As being also specialized in all types of storage systems for bulk material, our company has added the systems of Stacker - up to 2500 t/h capacity - and Reclaimer - up to 600 t/h capacity - into its product range by completing of these system's project, supply, installation and commissioning works as %100 locally, and has gained references in this regard.


Our mission is o follow the technological developments all over the world and combine our own experiences and researches with these developments and to be informed about the tenders of Bulk Material Handling System primarily made in Middle East, Africa and Europe and to aim at winning the all tenders, we bid, close to the rate of %100.
Our vision is that we are already reliable, reputable, competent and pioneer company in Turkey in the areas of activity we served and we would like to earn these titles in Europe and in the world market as well