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Apron Feeder

Apron Feeder

Apron feeders are the heavy duty type handling systems which are used in taking the bulk material, which is especially fed by truck, loader and/or train, from the bottom of the bunker with certain dosage. In addition, apron feeders are used at the bottom of the feeding bunkers of the equipment like mill before the feeding scales and also used as feeding equipment at the bottom of crushers. Generally, if dosing is applied by using frequency convertor, manual or motor driven slide gate can be used in the systems that are not more simple and sensitive.

Carrier pallets are strengthened against impact for the applications at the bottom of the truck feeding bunker. Before apron feeder, the needle type slide gate application is also quite common.

Our company manufactures apron feeders with the features of 0,20-0,35 speed, 500-1.800mm pallet width and 25-2.000 m3/hour interval which are used in wide range for various purposes and we have numerous references in this regard.