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Pipe Conveyor Belt

Pipe Conveyor Belt


The Development of Pipe Conveyor Belt

TRubber Conveyor Belts are the most commonly used equipment among all of the bulk material systems. Why conveyor belts are so common?

The reason is not only its superiority regarding the capacity and distance length but also the advantages in the first investment and operating costs.

The most important disadvantage of the pipe conveyor belt is the dusting and spillage problem because it has an open handling system. Although these problems could be minimized by some measures such as cover and similar things, pipe conveyor belts, in many cases, does not meet the needs of today's technology due to the increased reactions against to the environmental pollution.

2. Purpose of Pipe Conveyor Belt

The more effective and completely sealed bulk material handling system that can compete with

Classical Rubber Conveyor Belts

The main 5 features of the pipe conveyor belt are as follows:

Sealed Handling System: The pipe form completely covers the material during handling.

Return Line: Unloading operation of the cohesive material is prevented due to the belt's pipe shape in the return line.

Return-Feasible: It is feasible to return in all axes due to the belt's pipe form.

Elevation: It is able to reach greater inclination in case of elevation. Reversing Handling: It is also applicable to carry the material in two sides because the belt is in the pipe form in both sides.

The 3 important advantages of pipe conveyor belts, due to its characteristics, can be summarized as follows:

Nonpolluting Handling System: Pipe conveyor belt rolls the material and then carries them by offering a close cost to the rubber conveyor belt. Ease of Installation and Design: Due to its easy return and climb properties, pipe conveyor belts offers an easier settlement solution than classical conveyor belts. Economic Advantages: With its closed design, return advantage and reversing handling system pipe conveyor belt brings important advantage in terms of investment and operating costs compared with the other handling systems.

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